In 1837 Samuel Morse patented an electrical telegraph that quickly replaced the prevalent Pony Express in America. It was controlled by a one handed telegraph key, which is a switching device used to send out Morse code. The key had a knob that would be depressed to temporarily make an electrical connection which could be deciphered by the receiver on the other end. Today, computers have replaced the telegraph for rapid communication, and they are controlled by a pointing device called a computer mouse.

Richard Nagy (The original Datamancer) had the idea to combine these two amazing hand-operated devices into one. Making a computer mouse that hearkened back to the idea of a clicking telegraph key. The Datamancer Telegraph Mouse is a computer mouse constructed from brass and oak components and designed with a vintage telegraph style. It features a comfortable leather palm rest and vintage telegraph knob arms for the mouse buttons.

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Datamancer Telegraph Mouse

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