Due to its all brass construction, the Sojourner Display is the embodiment of the Victorian Era. An era in history marked by its use of brass to create complex computational machines. It is supported by a wooden base and stamped brass base components. The brass frame superbly outlines the display itself while not detracting from the visibility of what is on the screen. Can be crafted with either an “aged ” or a “polished” finish.

Size may vary between 22″-24″ and the monitor will support at least one of the standard VGA/DVI/HDMI formats. We also build our LCDs in such a way that the potential exists for the panel to be replaced with another screen at some point in the future if repairs or upgrades are needed.

Since LCDs have no standardization from brand to brand, each LCD from our studio is basically a “one-off”, so there will be subtle differences from the LCD in the photo. Button panels may appear differently, and some structural elements may vary slightly, but we strive to retain the same basic aesthetics for each piece.

Note: Polished brass finish will age over time with use.

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions30 x 14 x 22 in

The Sojourner Monitor

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