Combining form and function, our clam-shell wooden hard wood cases are a joining of transportability and usability. Each half of every piece is CNC-milled from a single piece of Red Cherry or Black Walnut hardwood. After milling, the wood is carefully routed along the edges at a 45 degree angle and the screw holes are countersunk. Each case is finely hand sanded until the wood has a smooth texture, then the wood is cleaned and coated. Two coats of ultra-clear semi-gloss lacquer are applied to the work after it has been prepared, and then it is sanded with ultra fine sandpaper to flatten out any uneven material. Finally it is coated again with a heavy layer of lacquer to provide a lasting and beautiful finish. Every case is given a full 24 hours to let the coating cure before being shipped out.

Solid Hardwood

The pieces are typically milled out of the same piece of wood, right next to each other, so that the grain and colors match. If however, the wood plank geometry doesn’t allow for them to be milled together, we visually match the pieces as best we can to get the pieces to color and grain match. Due to the nature of wood, the color, grain, and overall appearance of the pieces can vary greatly. Even within the same species of wood this occurs, so the pictures provided a

Functionality and Reliability

At the heart of every Datamancer keyboard are electronics chosen for their superior quality and adaptability. German engineered Cherry MX blue mechanical switches are used on each keyboard. These keyswitches feature a tactile click reminiscent of a vintage typewriter, and are rated for 50 million keystrokes. Dip switches allow hardware level support for QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak keyboard layouts that work on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Lastly, function (FN) media controls come standard.

Typewriter Key Caps

Our keycaps replicate the feeling of using an old fashioned typewriter. Each key is wrapped in a metal housing and includes lettering that will never fade from wear.

Warranty & Guarantee

If there is a problem with your keyboard within 60 days of purchase, we will offer free return shipping for your keyboard. After the initial 60 days, all keyboards carry a 2-year limited warranty. The limited warranty will cover any mechanical or electrical defect. We will cover parts, labor, and shipping one way.

Note: International customers must pay for return shipping costs. We will only cover shipping costs one way. After 2 years, repair service is available for a nominal repair fee plus shipping charges.


  • 6ft length braided cloth USB cable
  • FN Media Controls

Additional information


Cherry (Light Wood), Walnut (Dark Wood) [+$6.99]

Profile (Keycap Clearance)

Standard (OEM, Cherry, DSA), Tall (For SA or similar) [+$9.99]


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Datamancer Magnetic Clamshell Planck Hardwood Keyboard Case (Rev 6)


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